Aberdeen – global opportunities

In my role as Lord Provost, I am an Ambassador for the City of Aberdeen, whether I am here in the UK or overseas.

And, as Lord Provost, I take every opportunity I can to promote the City of Aberdeen, here and abroad. That’s because it is vital that we seek out opportunities for the city, its citizens and local businesses, at international conferences and high profile events.

I have the great privilege of being invited to contribute at many high profile events and international conferences, where I am asked to give an Aberdeen perspective.

This week, I attended the Barents Sea Conference in Hammerfest, a municipality of Finnmark county, Norway.

Hammerfest has been a leading port for 223 years and Hammerfest means safe harbour. It is an important port for fishing, trade and now the oil and gas industry.

It has a unique location for the shipping industry and also for petroleum activities in the Barents Sea. There have been many new establishments of service companies at the port which allows an expanded service offering for both national and international players operating in the Barents Sea.

It’s also the world’s northernmost town.

In what was a packed itinerary I attended formal individual meetings with key individuals and organisations. These included:

  • Alf E Jakobsen, the Mayor of Hammerfest
  • Terje Soviknes, the Norwegian Minister for Petroleum and Energy
  • Karl Eirik Schjott-Pedersen, Director of Norwegian Oil & Gas
  • Mairianne Bremnes, Mayor of Harstad
  • Andreas Inselseth, Head of Helgeland Business Association
  • Storvik & Co
  • Hammerfest Port Authorities
  • Industrial tour including the Statoil LNG facility, Melkøya, Polarbase and ASCo
  • ASCO Norge
  • Futurum, the business development organisation of Narvik
  • UIT – The Arctic University
  • Alta Business Development organisation

Topics that we discussed included: current and future projects, future opportunities, supply chain opportunities for local Aberdeen companies, skill requirement in the area and ease of working in Hammerfest and the challenges of the market.

On chatting with Alf Jakobsen, the Mayor of Hammerfest, we realised we had a great deal in common. We had both worked in the fish industry and both had worked for Findus.

While in Hammerfest, I was interviewed by a reporter of Finnmark Dagblad, the most northern daily newspaper in Europe.

The images featured in this blog were taken during my visit to Hammerfest.

Image 1 – Lord Provost of Aberdeen Barney Crockett with Kåre and Bjørn Storvik of Storvik & Co

Image 2 – Lord Provost at Barents Sea Conference

Image 3 – (L-R) Tom E Jakobsen, Department Director ASCO Hammerfest; Lord Provost of Aberdeen Barney Crockett; Runar Hatletvedt, CEO ASCO Norway

Image 4 – Lord Provost at Statoil’s Melkøya LNG facility

Image 5 – Lord Provost and Bjørn Storvik at Statoil’s Melkøya LNG facility

Image 6 – Aberdeen stand at Barent’s Sea Conference

Image 7 – (L-R) Andreas Inselseth, Head of Helgeland Business Association; Wenche Brennbakk, Marketing Manager SINTEF Molab; Lord Provost; Kare Storvik, Partner Storvik & Co., Bjorn Storvik, Partner Storvik & Co.


I hope you enjoy this blog post and that it gives you further insight into what the role of Lord Provost entails.



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