The role of Lord Provost

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen is an ancient office with its roots in the 13th century. The Lord Provost acts as Convener of the City Council, Civic Head and Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeen. The current Lord Provost is Councillor Barney Crockett.

Convener of Aberdeen City Council

First and foremost, the Lord Provost is Convener of Aberdeen City Council. At any meeting of the full Council, the Lord Provost presides.

As Convener, the Lord Provost is responsible for ruling on procedural matters, accepting motions and questions, ensuring free and fair debate, using a casting vote when required, and maintaining order in the chamber. The Standing Orders of the Council contain the ‘house rules’ along with technical details on how business should proceed.

Civic Head

The Lord Provost also acts as the figurehead of the city and is often referred to as “Aberdeen’s First Citizen”. This role is wide-ranging, involving all sectors of the local community in addition to regional, national, and strong international elements.

As Civic Head, the Lord Provost’s role is to engage with the community through active involvement in all areas of city life, encouraging good citizenship, promoting the city at home and abroad, and giving recognition to the achievements of citizens and local organisations.

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeen

August 1899 saw the constitution of the city of Aberdeen as a ‘county of a city’ by Queen Victoria. Following this, the office of Lord-Lieutenant was established in Aberdeen and linked to the office of Lord Provost.

In its modern form, the Lord-Lieutenant is the monarch’s first representative within the city boundary. Their principal duty is to represent the Crown within the Lieutenancy area and to uphold its dignity. In practical terms this means facilitating Royal visits, promoting the honours system and liaising with the armed forces.


Aberdeen is an internationally recognised business centre with globally competitive industries, excellent academic and research capabilities and a highly skilled workforce. A truly cosmopolitan city that offers a great range of cultural activities, festivals and events in addition to the superb array of shopping, restaurants, bars and night life.

Aberdeen is consistently voted one of the top places in the UK to live and work. Regularly achieving one of the highest living standards in the UK, people who come to live and work in Aberdeen agree that the quality of life is exceptional, with city facilities offering outstanding education, healthcare, choice of housing and leisure activities.

Aberdeen makes a significant contribution to the Scottish and UK economies – with a GVA contribution of over £18bn and a GVA per head of £36,726, which is 55% higher than the Scottish average.


The ceremonial mace is carried by the Town Sergeant who walks ahead of the Lord Provost when entering the Council Chambers for meetings of full council.